Yoga-Tai Chi-Qi Gong at OMTAO,  Cashew Resort - Koh Chang - Ranong - Andaman-Sea - Thailand


Yoga with Andrea

When you think of yoga, you may think about the physical first -- exercising, bending, stretching and learning poses and routines. But there's a much deeper layer to the practice of yoga. It's exciting to me that you can use yoga as a vehicle to discover yourself. In class, we get to self-knowing through meditation, moving the body with awareness and alignment, breath work, deep relaxation and with the help of the intuitive guidance that spontaneously happens through me.

My Background
In 2012 I experienced a deep shift in my consciousness – I remembered my true self, and my true home. Ever since then I have been on a journey of letting go of limiting beliefs and deepening self-realization.

Through my life I've studied many different styles of yoga, so my classes have evolved to be a mix of what feels natural and fitting in the moment and for the group. Although I started to study the ancient texts of yoga, admittingly I was relieved when Eckhart Tolle released the book “The Power of Now” because finally, somebody put things into simple words. (I still recommend this book to my students). Providing real life teaching and learning that is down to earth, practical and accessible for everyone is where my interest lay. 

Over the years my other teachers have been those such as  Adyashanti, Lisa Natoli and many others. But, my most powerful teachers by far are the dolphins. Dolphins are playful and powerful guides. I have a very special spiritual connection to them that informs much of my work. The dolphins came into my life when I left Germany 20 years ago and in their unique ways (both swimming in the water with them and connecting with them in other ways) these old souls have guided me on my journey of awakening.  


If you are interested to read more about the dolphins please check out some of the articles I've written about them on my blog:

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