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Being with Dolphins - Heart Balance Retreat 2023

What is it?
Heart Balance on a magical journey in the Red Sea in Egypt where we will swim and connect with Bottlenose Dolphins. This retreat will be a deep dive into your Self! We will be so close to mother nature—above will be the sun, the vast sky, and the endless stars, and below will be the mystery of the sea, and of course, the dolphins. What a time to remember our True Self and come home into our Hearts.

3. – 10. June 2023

Together we will spend 6 days and 7 nights on a beautiful boat on the ocean.

What will we do?
Tuning into the heart energy that connects us all, we will practice gentle yoga, breathing, meditation, sound healing and more. We spend time snorkeling and enjoying the rich sea life of the Red Sea and call the dolphins into our circles. We will learn to open ourselves and become sensitive to telepathic and heart communication with the dolphins and learn to listen more deeply to our inner guidance.

The Dolphins assist so many people around the world to come back into their hearts. Now you have the opportunity to be one of those lucky people. Silke and I have been in contact with dolphins for more than 20 years and bring their experience, knowledge and connection into this journey to make this an unforgettable trip for you!

If this tickles your heart, please contact us here for further information! 

We are looking forward to a magical time together!

About us:

Andrea and her family are running a beautiful retreat place on a small island in Thailand. She has been teaching Yoga for many years, guiding people on their spiritual journey, giving water therapy sessions and holding retreats. Her passion is the connection with the dolphins who came into her life in Thailand 22 years ago. In 2012 they asked her to travel to Hawaii where the magic deepened. She spent endless hours swimming with the Spinner and Bottlenose dolphins which was life transforming for her.

Silke got in touch with the whales and dolphin family in Acores Islands many years ago where she found her mission to connect with the magic of the dolphin message of love & joy. As mother of three adult sons and being an ethic tour operator, she focusses on being a bridge-builder for people to get in touch with dolphins and whales in their natural environment. Her many healing tools and abilities give great value to her journeys (www.tourbalance. de). She integrates crystal sounds, cacao-experiences, essential oils, water treatments and more. 


Ocean Flow

Enjoy the ocean in a new and different way!

Ocean Flow is a beautiful water experiencce and therapy. It allows you to deeply let go in the ocean.

In the warm  water the body feels weightless and light and the gentle movements give you the joy and release of feeling no gravity. The natural healing qualities of the ocean water and the presence of the practitioner bring deep relaxation of body and mind allowing you to surrender to peace. The silence that you experience under water and the flow of movements help you to let go of thoughts - lightness and happiness arise.

While you are first being held, stretched and massaged on the surface you build up trust and begin to relax. Whenever you are ready you will be turned, rolled and gently supported under water (with a nose clip).

I am looking forward to a floating experience with you!

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