Yoga-Tai Chi-Qi Gong at OMTAO,  Cashew Resort - Koh Chang - Ranong - Andaman-Sea - Thailand


mini Retreats

Who am I? What am I doing here? Have you ever pondered these questions or been exploring them for quite a while and would like to deepen that inner inquiry?

Andrea offers one- or two-day retreats on weekends. She shares with you various practices that have served her on life's journey, including Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Water Therapy, Ho’oponopono and more. Day one is dedicated to the exploration of our Being, while day two focuses on the investigation of how we want to live and embody that. What are our dreams and visions, and what is still blocking us?

You can join for only one day or the entire weekend.


The retreat is held in English and/or German.

Please contact her for more information and registration

, +66854709312

Full Weekend: 4500.- Baht, One day only: 2500.- Baht,  Breakfast, Dinner, Water, Tea incl.

Min. 3 participants

Ocean Flow

Enjoy the ocean in a new and different way!

Ocean Flow is a beautiful water experiencce and therapy. It allows you to deeply let go in the ocean.

In the warm  water the body feels weightless and light and the gentle movements give you the joy and release of feeling no gravity. The natural healing qualities of the ocean water and the presence of the practitioner bring deep relaxation of body and mind allowing you to surrender to peace. The silence that you experience under water and the flow of movements help you to let go of thoughts - lightness and happiness arise.

While you are first being held, stretched and massaged on the surface you build up trust and begin to relax. Whenever you are ready you will be turned, rolled and gently supported under water (with a nose clip).

I am looking forward to a floating experience with you!

Massage Courses, Retreats and Workshops

We are delighted to announce that Siggy and Sandra are offering workshops, courses and retreats again! After a long break due to the pandemic, they will be returning to OmTao this season. They will share three different types of learnings for bodyworker, yogis, therapists and anyone interested:

TYM beginner´s course from 30 Nov to 6 Dec 2023 

Workshop “Abdominal fascia” - A view at the internal organs from the perspective of Fasciopathy

from 26 to 29 Feb 2024 

TYM Retreat from 1 to 12 April 2024 

Please find all the details and contacts HERE.


June 8 to 15, 2024

Come with me on a journey. A journey home into your heart! We will sail together in a small group of up to 6 participants to Sataya Reef, to encounter the Spinner Dolphins and bathe in their high vibration. The dolphins invite us to meet them. They remind us of our true essence and the immersion in the moment. When we are with them, we can experience magical moments and a lot of healing.

After 3 or 4 days with the dolphins, we will continue to sail to magical places. We will still maintain a connection with the Dolphins and invite them to meet us wherever we are.

2 nights on land, 5 nights on a lovely sailing boat where we dive deep into meditation, contemplation, breathwork etc.  and allow the day to unfold according to the natural circumstances of a day on the ocean. 

Have you always dreamed of swimming with dolphins and experiencing their love and joy up close? Then come with me!

Contact me for all the details at: ,

Tel.: +66 854709312.

I am looking forward to a magical time together!




DOLPHIN RETREAT "Deep Connection"

July 6 to 13, 2024

Andrea and Heidi invite you to a magical journey on the Red Sea in Egypt! We travel on a beautiful boat to Sataya Dolphin Reef, Egypt. We anker for 6 nights right there where the Dolphins live. We have the great chance to swim with the Spinner Dolphins in the mornings and evenings. What a blessing to spend time with them, to feel their uplifting energy! To swim with dolphins is such a  heart opening experience and a great chance to remember our essence. We connect deeply to the dolphins, mother nature and all the beautiful souls on the boat. During the day we practice Yoga, Breathwork, Qi Gong and Meditation. If the circumstances allow it we wil experience group sessions of Ocean Flow (Aquatic Bodywork). The reefs at Sataya are very beautiful, so if the dolphins are not around we have amazing spots to snorkel at or dive. 

Many people dream of swimming with dolphins as they intuitively know that it can be deeply healing and transforming. If that is you, then don't hesitate and contact me! I am looking forward to having you on our beautiful boat. 

Please contact me: , +66 854709312

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